IPTV changing the face of television
IPTV is providing a new alternative for consumers, operators, broadcasters, content providers and advertisers.

Since the turn of the millennium, television has undergone a period of unprecedented change. Across the globe the switch from analog to digital terrestrial signals has begun, viewers who had become used to four or five channels now consider hundreds the norm, high-definition and mobile TV have become a reality for many and SVOD streaming services and digital set top box systems have freed audiences from the constraints of scheduled, linear broadcasting.

Understanding what consumers want and what are their available options in the marketplace should ultimately drive the IPTV service and content roadmap. A multi-device approach may turn to be a powerful solution to address the consumers’ increasing shift to non-linear, interactive and personalised content.

With a library of over 3000 hours of fully owned programming designed for international consumption across all genres, Switch International, is ideally placed and represents true value to IPTV providers across the globe looking to maximise their content spend.

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