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Rolling Stones: Rock of Ages Synopsis
Rolling Stones: Rock of Ages A4 Flyer
Rolling Stones: Rock of Ages
an unauthorized story on the Rolling Stones
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1 x 60' plus 6 x 5' bonus features

The Rolling Stones are as well known for their music as they are for each band member's highly public and often troubled personal journey. Pioneering a gritty blues-based style of rock & roll in the 60s, the Stones gathered fans and momentum alike with front man Mick Jagger's unique blend of macho showmanship and camp irony attracting plenty of attention. For over four decades the Rolling Stones ahve been on top. Arrests, drugs, fall-outs, death and relationships have stood centre stage with eight consecutive number one albums in teh US and sold out live shows. Our documentary on one of music's most enduring and entertaining acts is compelling viewing.

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