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Twilight: Obsession Synopses
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Twilight: Obsession
An unauthorized story on Twilight
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1 x 30' + 4 x 5'

Just like the characters in the novel, attempting to turn humans in vampires, Twilight readers have crossed over into the dark side of obsession.

Beginning with Stephanie Meyer’s novel, Twilight swept across continents and found readers engrossed on trains, planes, on lunchbreaks, reading after lights out and even online via Kimble.

With the release of the movie adaption, it wasn’t just the fictional characters that had people swooning. Robert Pattinson, playing the brooding Edward Cullen, was suddenly an international sensation. Women around the world fawned over his deep green eyes and porcelain skin, while Team Jacob had its own fair share of followers.

Our program follows the sensation of Twilight from the novel to its on-screen adaption and all of the hype  surrounding its smouldering stars.

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Team Edward vs Team Jacob
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