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For fans traveling to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, preparation involves browsing brochures, saving money, organizing tickets, booking flights and accommodation, and finding food, friends and fan gear! And that’s before planning the exact itinerary!

For the host-country, the planning and financial outlay is magnified a million times. It takes years of careful planning and organization to ensure that everything runs smoothly at a major event, and presents the country in a positive light.

And it goes without saying that for the myriad teams and clubs involved, it is the culmination of years of intense training, planning and preparing.

For all involved, the World Cup is a major event that requires seemingly endless time, money and patience.

Game On goes behind the scenes to check out what happens in the lead up to the World Cup.

From looking at security measures, to construction and employment, Game On gives you the low-down on what’s been happening in the lead up to the World Cup.

While you eagerly anticipate your own trip to South Africa for 2010, or even just watch the cable guy installing the ultimate satellite to ensure you get to watch every match, Game On will show you what those closest to the event are getting up to.

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