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Osama bin Laden: War on Terror A4 Flyer
Osama bin Laden: War on Terror Synopses
Osama bin Laden: War on Terror
History - Special
Number of Episodes:
1 x 60'

Osama bin Laden: War on Terror is at times an unnerving, dramatic and powerful re-telling of the events leading up to and surrounding the death of the worlds most wanted man.

This one hour special includes a profile piece on Osama bin Laden, al Qaeda Mastermind; details of the bold military operation that found, hunted and killed bin Laden in Pakistan, just north of the capital; the angry reactions from bin Laden supporters and the denial to news of his death; and details on the mystery courier.

This programme will be structured as follows:

Intro Montage / Opener / NYC focus on 911/ War on Terror - Past and Future/ Osama bin Laden - Profile / The Hunt - Tracking / Abbotobad, Pakistan/ Reactions /Conclusion

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