Food Stories
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13 x 30' . 91 x 3 minute interstitials/short form
Lifestyle & Health
A series that gives the fascinating back story to show the inspiration, people, cultures and history behind the development of common dishes familiar to all nations as well as food styles that have become culinary signatures for many countries.  Each segment features a dish or style to show where it started, how it was developed, who was responsible and why it was inspired:

Who started...

•Spaghetti    •Bread    •Sauce    •Doughnuts    •Noodles    •Dumplings    •Ice-cream     •Gravy    •Butter    •Jam    •Cake    •Sausages        •Biscuits    •Cheese    •Yoghurt    •Pancakes    •Curry    •Salad Dressing    • Soup    •Pastry    •BBQ    •Chocolate    • Coffee     Milkshakes    •Omlettes •Salad    •Chips    • Pies    •Frozen food    •Sandwhiches    •Hamburgers    •Porridge    •Pizza

… it’s a long list
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