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Prince William: Destiny A4 flyer
Prince William: Destiny Synopses
Prince William: Destiny
An unauthorized story on Prince William
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1 x 60'

Destiny goes beyond the Royal love affair and explores destiny in relation to the Royal Family.

Prince William shows a strong sense of duty and loyalty to the Royal family, fully aware of the role he is to play in the future as the King of England.

Since birth, his upbringing has been carefully managed and his destiny thoughtfully mapped out by the Monarch.

It was whilst excelling at sports and university studies; his much-publicised romance with Kate Middelton began.

After eight years of courting, Kate would have to wait no more; they became engaged and are destined to have the wedding of their generation.

Royalist’s pray that their marriage will pass the test time of time; unlike those that have gone before them.

With Prince Willam and his bride to be Kate Middleton set to embark on their own destiny this programme is the perfect addition to compliment any royal schedule.
* 2011 Prince William will marry Kate Middleton on April 29

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