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This series takes us to the limits, the far ends of the spectrum, to showcase the longest, tallest, biggest, shortest, smallest, hottest, remotest, most expensive, fastest and more.  Explore the EXTREMES of nature, architecture, humanity, and technology in this series full of interesting facts from around the world.

Severe weather, geological disasters and meteorological events often become international news headlines.  We see local communities, regions, countries band together and help humanity brace and recover.  These events can be seen as man versus nature.  They can bring out the best and worst in people, create victims and heroes, wipe out industries, create new ones, they warn us about our lifestyles, teach us about the planet and give us perspective.

This series features stories, events and accounts of some of the most challenging conflicts on earth including; Acid Rain, Sun Showers, Hurricanes, Sink Holes, Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Avalanches, Floods, Dust Storms, Droughts, Hail, Bushfires. The rescue teams and experts involved in disaster management are also explored along with the technology used to help us tame and understand our climate.


The science fiction and the myths of yesterday are slowly becoming the lives that today we live thanks to the countless contributions of creativity, scientific and medical research around the globe.

We are continually pushing the boundaries of life itself where the cures for diseases and ailments of     the past are now within reach and the question looms – can we live forever?

This series takes us on an exploration of the amazing and incredible accomplishments in medicine and technology that have helped us in the quest for longevity.



Extremes Episode 1

  • Tallest Buildings
  • Fast Animals
  • Expensive Cities of the World
  • Extreme Basketball Records

Extremes Episode 2

  • Extreme close-up photography
  • Extreme Age
  • Destructive Weather
  • Speed Records

Extremes Episode 3

  • Extreme Physics
  •  Outer limits outer space
  • Extreme Wealth
  • Smallest Creatures            

Extremes Episode 4

  • Huge Animals
  • Extreme Humans
  • Extreme sport record
  • Extreme Music record

Longevity Episode 1

  • What is Aging?
  • Overcoming Diabetes with Insulin
  • Surgery – the original life hack
  • The Economic cost of Longevity

Longevity Episode 2

  • The Future of Prosthetics
  • Vaccines
  • Miracles of Assisted Reproductive Technologies
  • Pacemakers keeping the rhythm

Longevity Episode 3

  • Looking Young – Plastic Surgery
  • Wearable Medical Technologies
  • Blood typing and transfusions
  • Smallpox, a thing of the past

Longevity Episode 4

  • Hope for living with HIV and AIDs
  • The Future of Cryogenics
  • Replacing body parts through transplantation
  • Genetic Engineering from fiction to fact